Process of Error continues to look askance at the opulence of the cinema of large industries to stick its head out and embrace a proposal for dialogue between works, of union, not the fierce competition of careers typical of post-capitalism. And from its expansive center as a territory of blurred limits, facilitate spaces for creation, communication, exhibition and proximities between works, between human beings who live and feel. 

Process of Error has been pleased to see the emergence of indomitable, curious, abject, painful, ancestral, open, questioning, critical works, all as the various faces of that mystery that is cinema in its different media.

Since 2014, the festival has been held in rooms in Valparaíso during the central week and has added other cities year after year, in addition to various exhibitions in other countries. This 2020 the world scene has changed and the conditions are not found to unite our gazes under the light of the curtain, be it in the movie theater or in the museum or in the sea.

We trust that, although the medium through which we will connect is not ideal, we hope that it provokes the same reflections in our estranged bodies. But, this is not a space for lamentations, but for poetry forming language and vice versa. Poetry as a continuum that moves from the most intimate to the collective, crossing all kinds of formats, experiences and media.

Seeing and hearing as a practice of being. Unite creator and viewer on the same path where both begin and end in the other, in a perfect circle.


INVE curatorial team